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Artificial Intelligence can seem scary and intrusive. We exist to create ethical and sustainable AI solutions that deliver value to the citizens and inspire professionals.

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We want to offer competitive, ethical, scalable and sustainable solutions to the citizens.

AI for good ensures responsible applications, promotes education, and motivates cooperation between professionals. Together, we will help Amsterdam achieve its ambition as a free, just and sustainable city.


Create state of the art solutions for cities, which brings research from universities to the streets.

Ethical and Inclusive

Include everyone, begin discussions, identify boundaries and discover how to enforce them and evolve.


Prototype, test and implement in the whole city. Share results with other cities for easier adoption.


Enable the accomplishment of environmental applications that fight the ecological crisis.

Our Partners

Touria Meliani, Deputy Mayor for the Digital City

Touria Meliani

Deputy Mayor for the Digital City

“I support the development of responsible AI. I think it will be important to Amsterdam as a city and to everyone who lives here.”

from ‘Amsterdam Intelligence’ magazine

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